oap freeze and basket mouth

It seems another war may be brewing between Comedian basketmouth and OAP, Freeze. Basket mouth posted a photo yesterday of a $58,390.00 (N23,000 000)  Rolex platinum watch on Instagram from the caption he wrote , he was definitely against buying a watch that pricey except of course it could tell him when the Naira will be equal to the Dollar……among other things.

cosmograph platinum watch

He wrote:

basketmouth and freeze

A few hours later,it was evident that Basketmouth’s post was aimed at maligning OAP Freeze who is known for his penchant for high priced watches, when the Cool FM on-air personality posted a photo spotting the same wristwatch with a comeback to Basketmouth’s caption.platinum watch

His caption read:

I just love the way this feels on my wrist, one of my favorite watches. It’s so heavy because platinum is a very heavy metal. My watches tell me the time, that’s all that matters. If you want to know when Jesus is coming I’m sorry Rolex can’t help you, maybe giving your life to Christ can. Jesus could also help you get rid of bitterness and malice……”



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