timi and kids3If you are a follower of Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo on Instagram, you can’t help but admire the love he shows to his kids and the way he dots on them. Dakolo who uses the name ‘Yard People’ to describe them hardly goes a week without posting a photo or video of them.

Dakolo who was a judge on the recently concluded music contest ‘Voice Nigeria’ shared a video of his 3 kids as they played around in the judges’ seats.

This has led us to believe that he is undoubtedly one of the best celebrity dads in Nigeria .

Here are 1o photos of Timi with his kids that back this up:

timi and kids1


timi and kids2


timi and kids3


timi and kids4


timi and kids5


timi and kids6

He is also good in the area of hair making too…


timi and kids 7


timi and kids 8


timi and kids 9


timi and kids 10



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