In life, you just need that one ride or die friend that you know has your back even when you are in the wrong.

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Celebrities often find it hard to keep friends because of the amount of fame and attention they get, which makes it hard for them to tell who is a friend, and once they find that true friend, they form one of the tightest of bonds.

Actors, Alex Ekubo and Ik Ogbonna have such friendship. These two have managed to rise together in the film industry and can even be called brothers than friends; they are each other’s, perfect mate.

You will mostly see them together and when they are not they are representing the other, that is why they give the perfect friendship goals.

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These are 7 photos of why they are the perfect friendshipย inspiration.

1. They travel together

2. Nothing like sports to make them bond together more

3. They win awards together

4. Alex And Ik coupling in this outfit is just lovely

5. This photo of them speaks clearly about their relationship

Living up my Mantra of just being GENUINELY, INTENSELY, & CONSISTENTLY HAPPY regardless of what it looks like to others, doing basic things like visiting new places, stuffing my face with FOOD, Jumping, & doing my happy Dance at the most random places, surrounding myself with like minds & people that give me Joy, its not about wealth to me or material things, because all of that come & go, i always say this, you can wake up tomorrow & win a million dollars, or wake up tomorrow & get hit by a bus, you can still wake up tomorrow win a million dollars & still get hit by a bus, life is funny like that! So until what you want starts happening to you, be happy for those its happening to, Stay Gracious & just Believe. I’m off to EAT.. Selah ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

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6. Alex and Ik love to colour match

Igbo Angels, on Our Way to Crash a London Wedding… ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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7. They’ve been together since the beginning

LADIES Only. Read top entertainment, fashion and lifestyle stories on FabWoman

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