bobrisky blessing okoro

After Onye Eze got Blessing Okoro arrested for claiming his expensive house, many fans are supported were disappointed. However, she asked for forgiveness, and many people saw the remorse in her words and expressions.

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This wasn’t actually the end of it all. Blessing Okoro, crying, took to her Instagram story to tell how Onye Eze set her up and told his boys to harass her mercilessly. She added that it would be better if she died already. Followers pleaded that she shouldn’t think that way, but just move on with her real life and quit the fake life.

Among her supporters is social media sensation, Bobrisky, who feels remorse and defends the blogger.

bobrisky blessing okoro

Bobrisky writes:

‘@blessing_ceo I don’t know you.

Have never met you before not to talk of seeing you. But your video when you were crying touch my heart deep. I feel like hugging you to tell you to stop crying 😢. It’s so sad you learn your mistakes in a hard way. But it’s fine. Like I said I’m never in any position to judge anyone in dis life. All of us be thief na the one them catch we know. 90% of dis celebrities lives a fake life trust me. So nobody should judge anybody. If everybody mock you I will never be part of it. It will still be over is just a matter of time. Pls all her friends should keep a closed eye 👁 on her. Love you 😍 goodnight’

Bobrisky doesn’t usually judge controversial people in the society, and she always gives them support. One of them was Naira Marley, who she said a prayer for. 

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