Daddy Freeze Christians game of thrones

Ifedayo Olarinde a.k.a Daddy Freeze, the popularly controversial media personality has taken to Instagram to reply the pastor on Facebook who said that Christians who watch the HBO TV series, Game of Thrones, will go to hell.
This Pastor also compared GOT (Game of Thrones) with GOD. He asks whether Christians are worshipping GOD or GOT.

Daddy Freeze says that it is hypocritical for the Pastor to condemn Christians for watching Game of Thrones since afterall, the events in GOT are also in the Bible.

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The media personality writes:

Dear Pastor, it is absolutely un-scholarly and downright hypocritical to tell people to stop watching `Game of Thrones` without telling them to also stop reading the Bible, because there is hardly any difference between the story lines of both.

“Game of Thrones had 865 deaths, the Bible had more than two million; David killed 200 men and cut their foreskins just to marry Saul’s daughter.

“Game of Thrones had 17 rape cases; the Bible also had many:David’s daughter Tamar was raped by her own brother Amnon.

“ Dinah, daughter of Jacob and Leah, was also raped and her brothers committed murder in their revenge.

“While many scholars suggest that David himself raped Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother; Solomon also murdered his own brother Adonijah because of a girl called Abishag.

“Game of Thrones had 144 scenes of naked people.”

“The Bible also has a major scene; David dancing almost naked in front of the whole city, while Christ himself was stripped naked publicly and beaten before being crucified. You say there are prostitutes in game of thrones. Aren’t Christ, David and Solomon all descendants of a prostitute named Rahab?

“Therefore, this submission is ignorant and does very little to showcase anything apart from your ignorance of the scriptures,’’

Daddy Freeze is recognized for attacking people and celebrities on controversial topics.

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