Gideon Okeke is one actor who is popular for his talent, looks and charisma and for his roles in ‘Tinsel,’ ‘A Place in the Stars,’ and ‘When Love Happens’ .

The actor took to his Instagram page to reveal how God used a follower to save him from danger. He said when the brakes of his car failed, and this terrifying experience came hours after a female fan sent him a direct message, warning him to ‘be careful’.

“I was driving on the Lekki traffic and I stepped on my breaks but the thing just totally gave way,” he said, adding that he had had enough experience with card and driving to understand such situations.

He panned the camera to show the major dent on the fender of his car. “Thank God for life. This is all that happened.”

Here’s what the follower sent him:

Here’s the video:

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