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Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe’s journey to stardom started in her teens when she was in the primary school. Known for her brilliance on stage, especially in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood, Mercy is one of the most sought-after actresses in Nollywood. The Edo state born actress has a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos. She graduated in 2001 and joined the movie industry fully in 2006.

Acting, for her, started when she was a kid. By then, she and her friends used to play fake roles of a father and mother with other kids. But she didn’t know that it will transform into something else because she thought it was just child’s play. While in primary and secondary school, she also used to be a member of the schools’ drama and dance groups.

It was after her secondary school education that she decided to go for Theatre Arts at the University. Upon graduation, she went for various auditions. The particular audition that got her career started was in Ibadan. She was later given a major role in the movie ‘Ara’ which shot her into the limelight. After ‘Ara’, she got more roles.
Currently she does not feature in Yoruba movies alone but English ones as well. Mercy said she really had a tough time convincing her parent to study Theater Arts in the University. This, she explained, was because of the perception people have about artistes.

“The problem here is that the perception of people towards theatre artistes is not good enough. And in this matter, actresses are worse off. A lot of people see us as promiscuous and never capable of settling down to make a good home. But I actually don’t blame those who think like that because some of us are actually ‘loose’.

But I advise that parents should not look only at the negative side of acting but to understand that some of us could be real role models for their children in the profession. In the beginning, my father didn’t support my career because he feared that actors are never successful and the ladies don’t get married. He described actresses as prostitutes. So,it took a long while before I could make him believe in me,” she stated.

The talented actress has won numerous awards which includes an AMVCA, which she won for best indigenous yoruba movie at the AMVCAs 2014.

Mercy and her AMVC 2014 Award

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