7.      Learn Style Lesson

In order to create your own fashion style, it is not necessary for you to get a degree in fashion to understand all about clothing and trends. You just need to be knowledgeable when shopping. Learn different fabrics. The use of the right fabric for your body shape as well as scale is crucial. Also you need to look for the right drape, texture, and weight so it will fall smoothly over

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the curves of the body rather than taking on a shape of its own. You should also see how silk feels compared to polyester. Then, learn the difference between an outfit’s stitching and cut.

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8.      Pattern And Proportion

This is similar to the rule of choosing the right color and fabric. Just be careful where and when your wear them, in which size, color, and directions. Also, the size of the pattern has to match your size and scale. Obviously, you might not want to draw the attention to the body parts that you do not want to show off. In other words, proportion is also important when it comes to style. Dressing in good proportion will be a balancing act. That is all about creating harmony in your own look. Therefore, when you have short legs, you will want to create such an illusion so that the legs as well as the waist are in perfection relation to the other parts of your body.

9.      Keep It Simple

It is difficult to not feel unadventurous and fashionably inadequate when fashion magazines or styles websites are constantly reminding people that they need to change and update their wardrobes.

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However, it is critical to remember that being stylish does not mean that you have to constantly change your wardrobe and some of the most stylish people keep their wardrobes so simple.

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