TBoss is still basking in the euphoria of childbirth and motherhood as evident in her recent posts on Instagram.

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The ex-BBNaija star had confirmed the birth of her daughter in August.
In one of the photos she wrote:

#Pregnancy – Enjoy it cos you would miss it when your child is born they told me.
Miss it?
Miss the bloated-ness? The wobbling? The discomfort? The pee-ing every 20 mins? The struggle to get in & outta bed, The itching? Maybe I would miss the Heartburns? Those were almost the worst! Or maybe the itchy-ness cos those definitely weren’t of God or maybe the Purple feet 🦶? No, I know, I won’t miss the discoloration, all the rashes on my back & my Bum disappearing.
I was certain I won’t miss any of it.
But Guess what? Yesss- You guessed right!
I miss it All… And I would do Gladly do it All over again in a heartbeat if I had to.

#maternityphotography #sexymama #regal #motherhood

Another one reads:
Pregnancy is the one time you can get away with eating Any & Everything without feeling any guilt.
However, I wasn’t eating much which was totally weird considering that I am such a Foodie🙈
I didn’t exactly have much cravings either: I couldn’t eat anything spicy anymore 🙅🏽‍♀️I enjoyed pickles & green olives more than usual.
I drank a lot of Cold water.
I would guzzle water like I had been lost in the desert. The usual Caprisonne & Ribena. Actually I drank more than I ate.
What peculiar cravings did you have during your pregnancy?

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