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World heavyweight boxing champ, Anthony Joshua, recently called out fellow British boxer, Tyson Fury to a fight.

Since then, Fury, who’s not one to keep his thoughts to himself, has repeatedly aimed some verbal jabs at Joshua.

‘I see AJ has been talking a bit of smack again, saying my fight was boring with Wladimir,’ he said on Instagram.

‘Better to win and be boring than getting dropped all over the floor and scrapping a win.

‘I never got punched, you got carried off the canvas nearly.

‘But winning is winning whether you win by an inch or a mile. Still winning.

This started when Anthony Joshua labeled Tyson Fury a ‘boring’ fighter. Joshua insisted Fury’s win over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 was ‘boring’.

Fury is targeting a return to boxing this year if the British Boxing Board of Control re-issue his boxing licence.

A UKAD hearing has still to determine whether Fury is guilty of a doping charge, but the 28-year-old was not happy to hear Joshua talking smack about his style.

Not too long ago, in a recent video, Fury boasted that Anthony was a plastic Nigerian and he was much more Nigerian than he is.

Fury wrote;

“We see who is boring when U fave me! A big bully is what you are u big dosser. Big femi your bully street name. I’ve seen your type many times. The man who can’t speak his own mind, the plastic Nigeria. I’m more Nigerian than you! I’ll fly the flag for Nigeria when we fight,”

Watch Fury blast Anthony Joshua.

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