Before you bring out your guns and cudgels, please take time to read this story and know that the original writer is Stella Dimoko-Korkus, the talented tatafo par excellence and carrier of authentic info. And I dare say she is always on point… well, 95% of the time. Let’s go there!

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Remember Beautiful Hajia Habiba Abubakar who was in the news all of last year for her public altercation and court case with actor Jim Iyke where the actor allegedly collected over N15 million from her and refused to pay back? Well, you are about to read about the outcome of another actor’s relationship with Habiba, this time, apart from having spent millions on the actor, a seed was planted and has been birthed. Yes, you heard me right!

Actor Chidi Mokeme, who has been enjoying a sizzling romance with Habiba Abubakar has just fathered a baby boy by her! The cute baby who was birthed in Saudi Arabia two weeks ago is the product of the secret relationship between Habiba and Chidi who cashed into the relationship after she fell out with Actor Jim Iyke. The grapevine has it that Mokeme and Habiba became so entangled in their affair that they were spotted in and out of Five Star hotels and Executive Guest Houses in the capital city and other locations in Kaduna and Kano, the birth place of Habiba Abubakar. The relationship was so hot earlier this year in March that during the birthday of Chidi’s mum, Habiba presented Mama Chidi with a brand new Mercedes ML.

The grapevine says that Chidi tried to get Habiba to abort the pregnancy but all to no avail and now the two of them have resorted to sms/emails and twitter fights and rumoured to be taking a dramatic turn with Chidi supposedly threatening to publish some Internet created and generated X-rated pictures, mails, and fabricated texts messages to disparage Habiba and embarrass her and her children.

Habiba who is married to a multi-millionaire, is now a shadow of herself as her husband found out about the affair when she was pregnant and wrote her a letter divorcing her and taking away the three children of the marriage; she is now left with her love child with Chidi, disgraced out of her marriage without even sand following her slippers! It will be interesting to note that earlier this year, Habiba granted an interview supposedly engineered by Chidi, where she denied that they were dating or had anything sexual in their relationship. Insiders say Habiba now regrets ever granting that interview to save Chidi from embarrassment and to keep his reputation squeaky clean.

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