Saturday, August 17th  in the Big Brother 2019 House started on a high note and here are some of the highlights from the day.

The Dano Milk Challenge

The 18 housemates were given three tasks for the Dano Milk Challenge. After they were divided into 6 groups, they were tasked with creating a jingle. The six teams were Team Cool Cow (Tacha, Elozonam and Ike) Team Strawberry (Khafi, Omashola, and Frodd), Team UHT (Cindy, Enkay and Sir Dee) Team Slim (Gedoni, Mike and Jackye) Team Full Cream (Diane, Joe and Mercy) and Team Choco (Seyi, Esther and Venita).

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The housemates were made to score each other points on their performances which many thought didn’t do the teams justice.

At the end of the first task, the results were Team Cool Cow with 15 points, Team Strawberry 14 points, Team UHT, 19 points, Team Slim, 13 points, Team FullCream, 8 points and Team Choco, 20 points making Team Choco the winner.

A good number of viewers however felt Team Strawberry should have won as they did better.

The second challenge which was the Dano Milk trivia, the housemates were asked questions about the Dano brand and current affairs.

Team Full cream had 9 points which was the highest but wasn’t enough for them to make the final round.

Team Cool Cow, UHT and Choco made the last round.

In the final round, they were asked, they were asked to do a puzzle where the team finishing in the shortest possible time wins.

Team Choco finished in seven minutes which made them the overall winner of the Dano Milk Challenge. As winners, they get N250,000 each with a year supply of Dano products.


Joe celebrates birthday, Tacha refuses to celebrate him

Joe turned a year older on Saturday and as the tradition, he got a cake and drinks to celebrate with his fellow housemates.

The housemates also took turns in celebrating him with Venita taking the lead. Tacha, however, declined to congratulate him owing to the quarrel which earned both of them strikes.

Joe is the fifth housemate to celebrate his birthday in the BBNaija PepperDem house alongside Mike, SirDee, Thelma and Tuoyo.


Frodd and Esther get into mild fight over sleeping position, Biggie calls him to order

After the party, Frodd tried to get cozy Esther while on the same bed as usual but this time, he took it too far. In a video seen online, a visibly Esther as she dragged the duvet of a slightly naked Frodd and pushed him off her bed.

Not long after, Biggie called Frodd to the diary room, we don’t know what transpired but Frodd went to his bed after which probably meant he was admonished by Big Brother.

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