Chris and Karrueche’s nonchalant relationship took a huge step towards being more serious when she moved back in with him.

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A source close to Karrueche Tran confirmed to Hollywoodlife that she had in fact moved back in with Chris, but  she did  it because they’re taking the relationship to the next level.

Karrueche Tran: Why She Moved Back In With Chris Brown

“She is back at Chris’ house at the moment and she seems happy,” the source says. “He’s making her feel comfortable and he appreciates her and that’s all she really wants.”

But even though things seem to be running very smoothly between Chris and Kae, the source insists the move was more a matter of convenience and practicality than a conscious decision to get more serious. “It was a process for the last two weeks,” the source explains:

She was hanging out over there and driving back and forth from West Hollywood to Hollywood to see Chris and be with him and it just became stupid for her to do all that back and forth so he told her to bring some things over and one thing led to another and she’s been posted there for the past few weeks.

So basically, Karrueche moved in with Chris to save on gas money. How romantic!

The source also reveals that KT is still keeping her own apartment, and that she hasn’t moved everything over to Chris’.

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