Former Mr. Nigeria turned actor, Emmanuel Ikubese, in an interview with HipTV disclosed that he thinks it is not right for a lady to propose to a man.

According to him:

“I do not think it is right for a lady to propose to a man. Come on! If you propose to a man, are you going to see his parents? Pay the groom price? Let us don’t turn the bible upside down. Let us follow the bible on what the bible says let your man find you, propose to you, take you to see his parents, pay the bride price and all of those things that is supposed to be done until you become his wife”

Emmanuel says a lady can never propose to him ‘‘It can never happen. Except she wants to propose to be my friend.”

This is coming after a Nigerian lady was left devastated after she made a public proposal to her boyfriend at the mall and got turned down.

In the viral Twitter video posted by one EnekemGreg on Monday, the lady was seen kneeling with a ring in a hand as she gestured to the man to accept the proposal.

The man, who seems embarrassed, declines the proposal and, after what seems like a second thought, goes close to her and helps her get up.

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