Joy Odiete, popularly known by her stage name ‘Jodie’, has revealed her reason for chopping off her locks.

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According to the Kuchi Kuchi singer, she is neither suffering from cancer, cut it for a movie role p
or for a new project, she cut her hair due to its management.

Speaking with Showtime, she said:

“Do I look like I had this lovely hair cut for health reasons? There’s no mysterious reason embedded somewhere. Yes, a woman’s hair is said to be her pride, but sometimes we take decisions not out of influence; I honestly felt like it, so I did and I’m glad I did. “It’s very easy to manage and it involves less time to manage; it has its own peculiar beauty too. Combining it with no makeup and certain adornments give me a regal feel and I love it; my heavenly father na royalty, so I be King pikin, so no biggie”, she said with pride.

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