The crisis in the marriage of actress Juliet Mgborukwe and her husband, Chima Ojukwu, does not appear to be going away any time soon. Chima has now shared a private message he sent to Juliet’s sister, Benita, warning their family members to stay away from him and that he has his lawyers and killers on ground should they try anything. Read the message below:

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When what’s her name’s sister is mad telling me she will send out messages of me begging her and her family to tell what’s her face to keep her marriage and stay, did i ever say I dumped this woman? I made it clear she left me after she got the green card but then got mad cause I moved on, she really thought I was going to die crying on the corner soon as I moved on now all hail has broken lose she said she’s gonna put out messages showing people I begged her sister to keep her marriage and this one is at home with a baby her baby daddy bluntly refused to marry into their family but Chima the Mugu with his soft heart wouldn’t even look at what other people saw smh, this the last time I talk about this I’m putting my page on private and if I see one negetive comment you are blocked I’m done with this shit all the negetive Nigerian low lives need to go get a job ???

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