The allegations and counter allegations continues in the marriage crisis of Nollywood actress, Juliet Mgborukwe and her husband, Chima Ojukwu.

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The actress it would be recalled accused her estranged husband of domestic violence and released photos of her bloody face (Read Here), has now shared videos to back her claims days after Chima Ojukwu shared a video to prove she was the violent one in the marriage.

In reaction to Chima’s video, Juliet shared videos showing her and her husband having a spat. In one of the videos, a drunk Chima is heard ordering Juliet out of his car in the middle of the night but Juliet refused and accused him of hitting her then threatened to call the cops on him.

Chima responded, saying he was ready to go to jail. Juliet went on to claim in the caption that Chima was married twice before he married her and, both times, the marriage ended because of domestic violence.

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