According to media personality, Layole Olatogun, you are a wicked friend if you can’t tell your friend he or she has body odour.

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Read her thoughts on people that can’t tell their close friends they have body odour.

”Let’s talk about some PAINFUL truths today- BODY ODOUR.

You are a wicked friend if you cannot tell a close friend he or she has body odour. STOP giving them perfumes and deodorant sprays hoping to mask the stench, tell them the truth…. in a nice way. It is better you tell them than let the world continously mock them behind their backs. I attended an event some days ago and sat beside a group of friends. As soon as one of the girls walked to the restroom, her friends kept on talking about how she stinks and none of them could tell her. They all kept mum the moment she joined them back on their table. FYI- People who smell sometimes don’t know they do. TELL THEM!” she wrote on her IG page

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