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According to reports, the National Film and Video Censors Board has set up a panel to analyse and classify a film titled, ‘Bob Risky in Love’ starring Idris Okunneye aka Bobrisky.

As known by many people, Bobrisky is a transgender who dresses like a woman and has gained popularity for his approach towards his decisions. This makes Bobrisky a highly controversial figure in society. As if that’s not enough, Bobrisky now features in a movie called ‘Bobrisky in Love’. The movie was produced by Nollywood Namaste Production company and directed by Ken Steve Anuka.

The story is about how a transgender woman named Cherechi (played by Bobrisky) travelled out of the country as a man and return to the village as a woman, thereby intriguing hatred from his family members and friends.

Also, the movie’s soundtrack has a message for the audience, encouraging people to accept Cherechi for who she really is- a transgender. It sort of relates to how many people reject Bobrisky in society, and how much he and his close friends have advocated for acceptance.

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