Day 26 at the BB Naija house was all about getting to know who has the best ‘body’, hidden talents and a favourite in the house. The housemates were also made to toggle it out at the games but a surprise winner emerged at the end of it all.

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These are the 4 interesting that happened in Day 26 at the BB Naija 2018 house.

Ifu Ennada And Cee C’s Fight

It was epic yesterday morning when Cee C and Ife Ennada got on each other’s throats when Ifu Ennada sad Cee C is not as ‘endowed’ as she thinks, that Alex is much more endowed. This did not sit well with Cee C and she made it straight Ifu Ennada. This rumble got the whole house talking about body shapes and what they like in their women.

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Because I Love You

The housemates were given a strange task yesterday by Big Brother and that was to choose their favourite or most preferred pairs in the house.

Unlike the usual nominations where housemates are made to pick the housemates they want up for eviction, the housemates would pick their two preferred partners in the house.

These are who your housemates came up with:

Tobi and Alex chose Mito (Miracle and Anto) and Tena ( Teddy A and Nina)

Cee C and Lolu chose Mito and Bamco (Bambam and Rico)

Miracle and Anto chose Bamco and Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka)

Teddy A and Nina chose Tolex (Tobi and Alex) and Gelah

Angel and Ahneeka chose Tena and Mito

Bambam and Rico Swavey chose Gelah and Tena

Leo and Ifu Ennada chose Bamco and Tena

After the names were dropped Big Brother said the results will be announced on the Sunday Night live show. Big Brother did not give any further details on why he needs the list, but what do you think he wants to use it for?

Miracle Working Man

Last night at the Friday Night Games, Miralce emerged the champion making it his third week, he won Head Of House on Monday and the wager on Thursday. Since the beginning of the week viewers have been seeing different shades of Miracle and they are loving it. Even his ‘relationship’ with Nina had a few bumps earlier in the week, making the the former pair re-evaluate themselves.

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 The Ifu Ennada Late Night Show

Armed with a few drinks, Ifu Ennada gathered her peers in the lounge for her Friday night show on the promise of untying their tongues. And she did just that. Starting with an improvised panel themed ‘Bad Girls vs Bad Boys’, she called onto Tobi and Alex to sit on her right and Teddy A and Nina to come to her left.  Ifu Ennada has never been one to shy away from challenges, and suffice to say that she absolutely lit up the screen with her daring questions and charisma. Her entertainment skills have sustained her audience in the House and far beyond.

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