It hasn’t been easy but they finally made it. The top 5 finalists for the BB Naija 2018 housemates Tobi, Cee C, Alex, Miracle, and Nina have made it to the final week of the season 3 double wahala.

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These housemates had had luck, charisma, pure ingenuity and heart that made viewers sustain them in the house. There were some hiccups with some of these housemates but they have shown that they are worth it, whether by luck or by sheer performance.

These are the reason why these housemates made it to the finale of the show.

1. Tobi

Tobi was one of the first housemates to catch the eyes of viewers right from the time he stepped onto the stage as a housemate because of the swag and the charisma. He also showed he was worth the attention when he snagged the first Head Of House title in the house and ruled not only once but twice in a role. This definitely brought him into the limelight.

He has shown that he is multi-talented and charming to booth. From early in the game, he had shown that he was a threat to other housemates because of his qualities.

This began to go south when he became paired with Cee C who at first felt domineering and restrictive of Tobi’s interaction with other housemates, especially the girls. Things continued to get worse as Cee C shaded Tobi and at the end of every ‘questionable’ argument in the house, he apologized, even for things he did not know he did.

Tobi’s emancipation from Cee C began when he started his bromance with fellow housemate Miracle, who proved to be a better half for the ‘Yoruba demon’. As he began to step out of Cee C control, he started exhibiting more qualities that interested the viewer’s to want to keep him in the house. Plus he had favorable luck as he was always saved by one housemate or the other.

And so far so good viewers are still charmed by the person they see on their screen and who knows he might just take home the prize.

2. Alex

Alex is one of the ones who were able to escape eviction by sheer luck. Either she was saved or paired with the head of house or no one was evicted, she happened to still be in the house.

At first, she started as a crybaby who cried when she was very emotional and for the early part of the show attached to her pair Leo, who she was also romantically involved with, and always stayed close to him but she never shied away from the dance floor showing her superb dancing skill.

When Leo left the house, it was as if a new Alex came out who became loud and commanding. Her height became of use to her because she didn’t let anyone take advantage of her. But it was not enough to make viewers love her, and as viewers were waiting patiently for her to be nominated again, luck shined on her as she became Head of House at a very crucial point in the game, which gave there the free ticket to the final week.

Her relationship with Tobi, Miracle, and Nina also brought her out and hse showed that she could not be bullied, especially by Cee C who always had something against her.

Alex has shown that she is determined, loveable, and strict, but still a guys girl who is ready to help a friend.Do you think she deserves to win this game?

3. Nina

Nina is a girl who came off as shy and did not really have her voice when the house was filled with 19 other housemates. Her relationship with her pair and in-house ‘boyfriend’ Miracle was one of the highlights of the show as they gave the viewers the first kiss, a day after entering the house.

At first, Nina just looked like a shy girl who could not express herself well and always in need of someone that would protect her, even though she did not ask for it.

As the numbers of housemates reduced so did Nina’s voice and confidence, which even went higher when she was paired with Teddy A. She has shown that she can be vulnerable, caring, attentive and never complaining, though she can throw that out the window when she is angry.

Nina has shown that she can be determined as she was able to lead the house to their 100% wager win when she was head of the house, though because she had two big guys behind her to support her.

Nina was able to draw her fan to her because she and Miracle just give ‘couple goals’ and are not afraid to say how they fill, even though she has a significant other outside the house.

Nina has grown over the past 77 days and she has shown that she is in the game to win the money and love, does she deserve to win as her voting shows that she is one of the viewers favorite in the house.

4. Miracle

Miracle has given viewers more than one reason why he should be the one to win the game. She has shown qualities of a good leader, charisma, respect, and intelligence that people wouldn’t have attributed to him when he first got into the house.

When Miracle first stepped out as a contestant he was able to melt the hearts of female viewers who couldn’t help but admire how handsome he was. Though that changed a bit when he started off immediately with Nina. this later changed to his favor when the number of housemates in the house began to reduce and his qualities started showing.

He has won Head of House twice and also won challenges and lead the house to several victories.

Miracle also showed that he is funny and brings out the best in people. His bromance with Tobi even began to take center stage more than his romance. Though he had his faults he never sought to an argument to solve things and always steered clear of them.

5. Cee C

Cee Chas showed that she is the real double wahala in the BB Naija 2018 house. She came in as the cute sexy girl that mostly kept to herself but as the days passed so did her temperament.

Most of her issues started with her paired partner Tobi and when he became tired, she moved to other housemates who got in her way. She sees herself as straightforward and real. She is also very loud and boastful, all the ingredients needed to cause havoc in the house.

She has had one or two confrontations with more than one person in the house and doesn’t feel apologetic, but that is what people are after which is why though week after week she is nominated for eviction, she always seemed to be saved, even gaining fans.

She is the most controversial of all the housemates but has shown that she is independent and can stand alone, which is very rare especially in a house where you know you are everyone’s least favorite but you still have to live with them. All for the money.

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Cee c has shown a lot of character people have tagged unhealthy and psychopathic, but she has also shown that she is strong and ready to stand by what she believes. That is why she has made it thus far in the house. Will she be able to grab the prize at the end of the show?



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