Betty Irabor, a Nigerian columnist, philanthropist, writer, publisher and founder of Genevieve magazine took to her Instagram to recount her inspiring journey into the world of publishing.

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She wrote:

After my graduation and NYSC, all I wanted was a job, I got one as a PRO when the job description included buying food for the boss and doing his bidding.
And then one day on an outing with Soni at the United States Information service Broad Street I met Dr Doyin Abiola the Editor In Chief of the Concord Press…everyone knew her as the Iron Lady.

At Soni’s insistence, I walked up to her and said; ” Good afternoon Ma, I would like to work as a journalist in Concord Ma”. I was sooo nervous!. I was 26 and very shy. ” Are you a journalist?”. She asked icily. ” No Ma” I answered, already freaking out. “But I am a good writer, I am an English graduate” I responded.

“Sorry, we prefer journalists” she said as she walked away, leaving me staring down at my feet. “How callous, how mean, wicked woman. They were right abt her, I thought to myself…

Then for some reasons, she looked back and saw me rooted at the same spot.. I hadn’t moved from the spot where we had that conversation..I was still trying to recover from the “Isho”.

“What’s your name again?” she suddenly shouted out. “Betty Belo- Osagie Ma”. Ok, come in on Tuesday and ask to see the Editor, Yakubu Mohammed.

I saw Alhaji Yakubu on Tuesday and resumed work the next day as a feature writer. About a year later I made it to the cover of the news paper among those who were promoted… I was promoted to the position of an Asst Features Editor.. Thus began my accidental journey into journalism.

I left Concord after 5 years and went into the corporate world…and one day ;many many years later I became a publisher…The publisher of Genevieve Magazine.. I didn’t over think it, I simply closed my eyes and jumped… even with only 5 years industry experience.

I had a template in my heart and I learnt to publish on the job surrounded by the very best in the industry and armed with a burning passion and desire to travel on that road less travelled….Guess who my biggest Cheer Leader Is.. Dr Doyin Abiola.
It hasn’t been an easy ride but my faith is bigger than my fear…So Should yours my dear!!

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