Apart from wowing the Coachella audience with her musical prowess and one of a kind performance, mega diva Beyonce also wowed them with her beautiful fashion sense.

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Beyonce was the headlining act for the Saturday, April 14th and she did not fail to impress. The singer put in a never before seen performance that is still getting people talking.

From the song selection to the choreography, to the surprising reunion, and more, Beyonce stood out with her performance. This will certainly get trolls who think she can’t sing silenced as she proved she isn’t the music for a reason.

Her outfit was also to die for as they showed her really fit body that took months to perfect.

Beyonce was meant to perform at Coachella last year but complications in her pregnancy made her cancel, maybe this is why she came back with a bang that would be remembered for all time.

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These are the outfits she wore for performance.

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