Bobrisky Birthday Plans: 'The Biggest part ever' | Stargist

Bobrisky’s birthday plans are what fans would love to see. The dramatic transgender in Nigeria, Bobrisky, has just revealed his plans to organize ‘the biggest birthday party ever’. Bobrisky makes fans laugh, as his birthday is not until August 31st, 2019.

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‘I’m celebrating the biggest birthday party ever. Thanks to my party planner, your invites come with two invites Saturday and Sunday boat cruise and a bottle of champagne each. I can’t wait AUGUST 31st. Lastly am inviting 100 fans to join me celebrate’.

Bobrisky’s birthday celebration includesso many activities, including ‘killing of the cow’.

Bobrisky shares a screenshot of his birthday plans on Instagram:

Bobrisky Birthday Plans: 'The Biggest part ever' | Stargist

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