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It is quite disheartening to many Nigerians on Instagram that DJ Cuppy had to say at The Global Citizen Live in Berlin Germany that Nigeria’s major issue is water supply, when there are a host of other things that most of the citizens suffer.

Issues like unemployment and economic instability are the major issues we face in the country. But of course, many rich people don’t notice this, do they?

It could be that DJ Cuppy’s opinion about the major issue we face in the country is just an innocent one. She probably doesn’t see many challenges around her, and that’s why CDQ has corrected her on the actual issues we face in the country.


Raising awareness at #GlobalCitizenLive ⭕️ Let’s start to recognise issues and take action!

He says this in the most friendly way as possible, so as to not make it sound like the trending beef that’s ongoing in the entertainment industry. CDQ says ‘in case of next time’, she should get her facts right because they might just want to help us with all these challenges since it was an international gathering.

“lovely speech baby, but our main problem no be water u for tell dem our main problem. Unemployment, electricity, bad road network, economy instability, low income (Wage/Salary), insufficient educational facilities for the masses. So they would know how to rightfully channel resources. Thank You. Just Incase of next time mami”

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Raising awareness at #GlobalCitizenLive ⭕️ Let’s start to recognise issues and take action!

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