bettie jennifer shot dead

The Ghanaian actor’s wife was found dead in front of her office at Maryland, USA. Bettie Jennifer has been married to the actor for only 7 months, and after deleting her photos from his Instagram account, fans have been wondering whether it’s yet another divorce scheme. Chris Attoh’s wife, Bettie Jennifer, 44, was however shot dead by an unknown gunman in Maryland, USA,

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Reports say  that the incident happened on Friday, 10th May, 2019 at Ivy Lane while leaving her office at 5pm and heading to her car. The gunman arrived with a car, and as she spotted him, Bettie Jennifer tried to run away all to no avail. He shot at her several times in the head and immediately fled the scene.

As soon as the Police arrived at the scene of the crime, Bettie Jennifer was pronounced dead.  The gunman was identified as “a black male with a think build and black hair, wearing a dark shirt and pants.”

He is wanted by the Maryland Police, and the case is under investigation.


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