Former Nollywood actress, Juliet Mgborukwe has released more screenshots of text messages exchanged between her and her estranged husband Chima Ojukwu to counter his claims that she cheated and she was a bad mother.

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She claims she couldn’t have been a bad mother to her kids because Chima and his family kept begging her to come back after she left. She shared screenshots to prove this. She also shared screenshots that prove he cheated on her and rubbed it in her face.

Reacting to the allegations that she cheated on Chima, Juliet shared screenshots to prove that she was the one who sent the message she got from another man to Chima after they had gone their separate ways. She also revealed he beat her up several times and in one of the videos, Chima is heard admitting to being violent towards her. He admitted to giving her a black eye before and threatened to do it again if she keeps trying him.

I wasn’t going to respond to all the twisted and manipulative lies and baseless allegations against me by Chima, but I am sorry, for posterity sake, i will speak my truth and let it be. First please I ask a Favour of you, you said you caught me pants down with a man, in your house, could you please release any pictures, videos or whatever proof you have as you are very good at keeping records, actually, we are both very good at that as that is what our marriage deteriorated to in the last 3 years. You put out a video of me smacking your phone off your hands while recording me,then you turned it around and say I was abusing you? you have to do better than that. Your parents were living with us for almost a year and I left your house 3weeks after your parents left so when exactly did this Incident happen? smh. You denied breaking my nose or ever putting your hands on me well I guess these videos and messages between you and your counselor says otherwise and how you have brutally beaten me more than 8times, even twice while I was pregnant. The reason why you are still walking freely today is because of the kindness of my heart as I refused to testify against you or show up in court while you were facing 4years jail time, instead I left for Texas for a while to stay away from the pressure from the government to press charges which was why you bought me the BMW to say thank you.

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I sent you the screenshot of my chat with another man, long after i have left the marriage/your house,telling you that I thought you said I was fat and ugly and no man will want me with 2kids, now you turn around to use that same screenshot as proof of me cheating with these men while I was in your house, why did u blur the dates? Well I guess the pictures I have above says otherwise, so manipulative yet so inane and shallow. Did i do it to taunt you?maybe yes but more to let you know i am getting my esteem and worth back after years of physical,emotional,pyschological and caustic verbal abuses from you…. You tried to break me, destroy my esteem and dignity, you wanted absolute control over the air i breathe, you sure did subjugate me for a while….until i could take it no more and summoned the strength and courage to leave(because of my kids). What is killing you is knowing i now have a good job and can stand on my own two feet to care for myself and my kids and will never need to beg you for anything….It kills you to see me happy, to see i have moved on fine without you….knowing my being independent would not subserve your insatiable thirst to bully, abuse and control me. For our children's sake have i not tossed you in prison for all you did to me.

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If I was so much of a bad person like you claimed, why were you and your family begging me to come back after I left (#ProofAbove). Because I stood my grounds this time and you saw your trite begging didn't work no more, you resorted to low and porous lies. Typical of psychotic abusers like you. To everyone I have disappointed by putting this out, I am sorry, I know y’all said I should ignore but you will understand when you are the one wearing the shoes. On this note, Chima you can put out anything you want from here on, I will never respond to your lies,i made my mistakes with you, but for my beautiful children, i regret all else and i sure learnt the hardest way. I am in a happy place in my life right now and I won’t let your negativity pull me down. I wish you all the best in life and I do hope you get the help you need because deep down inside of me, I believe you are mentally unstable.

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