Lanre Gentry is blaming the government (who got him arrested for domestic violence) for not minding their business and directly/indirectly separating his home. He shared this in an Instagram post on Father’s Day.

 He also shaded Mercy Aigbe for being a widow ambassador when he was still alive. Few weeks ago, the actress picked up the cause that fights for the abolishing of the maltreatment of widows.

Gentry who was married before tying the knots with Aigbe once stated in an interview that his first marriage was a bad one. “The only regret I had was my first marriage.  I regretted my first marriage because, when I wanted to marry, my father told me the lady I brought home wasn’t okay.  He said I shouldn’t go on with the marriage.  But as a young man, I went contrary to my dad’s wish.  And the whole thing ended in a deep regret.  But to God be the glory, my father will always say there is no regret in any marriage that has produced children.

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