Lilian Esoro Franklin is a Nigerian actress, an event planner, and also the CEO of Goldie Locks hair salon situated in the capital city of Abuja Nigeria.

Esoro who has a son with Ubi Franklin looks nothing like a mother as she is a flawless beauty who steadily turns heads. She is known to be pretty particular about the kind of meals she takes in. presents you with things this dazzling actress eats that keep her looking flawless.

1 She doesn’t play with her veggies as she eats her toasted bread with lettuce, tomatoes, ham, mayonnaise, cheese and butter.


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2 Esoro eats her rice and stew with vegetables. Se is obviously into her veggies.


Tooo yummy ?? #Life is tooo good. ?????? #Good night mi loverssss. #Something good is coming. #Watchthisspace????????

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3 Apart from her vegetable fetish, Lilian takes out time to explore all the fruity goodness from fresh fruits like apples, guavas among others.

Food for the next 2weeks. Who is joining me. ??? #

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4 Her protein game can hardly be ignored as she most certainly loves her eggs in a stylish kind of way.

5 Lilian enjoys her fish meal with a lot of fruits and veggies to go with.

6 Some mornings, she just sticks with low fat youghurt, smoothies and salad.

7 Lilian who is a veggie faithful, on one occasion enjoyed avocado, sweet corn, cabbage,ham and chopped carrots.

8 Sometimes, when she is on a lunch break on set, she chills with sandwich, youghurt, coconut and apple.

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9 Esoro as an African woman, despite trying to live healthy, occasionally treats her tongue to some Nigerian soups.

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