Met gala 2019 : Best-Dressed Celebrities

The Met Gala is a fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute located in New York City. It is held annually, and marks the Costume Institute’s latest fashion exhibit. Formally called the  Costume Institute Gala, the Met Gala (also Met Ball) celebrates the theme for the year’s exhibit.

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This is why we have our favourite foreign celebrities dress in similar ways annually. However, the guests are supposed to actually choose their own fashion in order to match the theme for the year’s Gala.

The Met Gala 2019 was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York City on Monday 6th May 2019, and the theme of the night was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’. The camp fashion is an aesthetic way of dressing that disobeys all conformities with fashion. It is exaggerated and elaborate. Many celebrities obeyed the theme, while some others didn’t.

Let’s have a look at some of the best-dressed celebrities who attended the Met Gala:

1. Janelle Monae definitely had the camp at the Met Gala 2019.

Met gala 2019 : Best-Dressed Celebrities


2. Zendaya dressed as a knight in a pretty dress, now that’s definitely what you’re looking for!

3. Halsey looks gorgeous, but she looks more normal than she used to.

4. Lady Gaga was the Gala!

Met gala 2019 : Best-Dressed Celebrities

5. We really don’t see camp in Kim Kardashian’s outfit, but we totally love it!

6. Kim Kardashian isnti the only one to slay at the Met Gala 2019. Her sister, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are having it too.

7. We wonder where Nick Jonas was when his wife was planning her costume for the Met Gala 2019. Priyanka Chopra looks like a mad scientist in this camp-themed wear.

Met gala 2019 : Best-Dressed Celebrities

8. It seems like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth just came for the fundraiser and ignored the theme. However it was, we still love their outfits.

9. Yara Shahidi came with crystals around her eye and large rings with a Tina Turner hairstyle. Now, this is camp!

10. Joe Jonas and new wife, Sophie Turner came with matching outfits that have a disturbing pattern, and that’s why we love their interpretation of the Met Gala 2019 theme.

11. Celine Dion came with a feather on her head looking like some of those Brazilian dancers at a festival, and her matching eyebrows are also perfect for her costume. Her camp is lit!

Met gala 2019 : Best-Dressed Celebrities

12. Lily Collins looks like a character in a fantasy movie with all the pretty accessories in her hair and the exaggerated eye makeup.

13. Lupita Nyong’o dresses like a Princess in a fairytale, and we can’t get over her hair filled with golden combs, her colourful sleeves and that extremely bright eye makeover.

Met gala 2019 : Best-Dressed Celebrities

14. Kristen Stewart looks like a rockstar and has a matching eyebrow colour which is definitely not regular. 

15. Ashley Graham wear a blazer without the pants or skirt! She also wears a transparent overall that covers her shoes and hands too. Now that’s cool.

16. Serena Williams looks great in this bright yellow dress with exaggerated sleeves. Well, it’s actually camp though.


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