When running a business, there are often times where you will clash with your customers or patrons, it is inevitable. but it is how you deal with it that matters.

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Celebrity hair Maker, Mizwanneka was the target of a dissatisfied customer over the Easter holiday when the customer, a Miss Anulika Ayesha shared her experience and alterations with the hair maker.

According to the customer, she had ordered a weave from Mizwanneka but it took 6 weeks to arrive which she overlooked but what she couldn’t overlook was the quality she received. She claimed she had received a shorter length and lesser quality than what she paid for.

She also claimed she contacted Mizwanneka but the response she received was alarming, that was why she went through extreme lengths to get a response from the hair maker, which led to an altercation led to both women cursing each other including death in it.

In response to the internet running wild about the news, Mizwanneka stood up to defend herself and tell her side of the story but it was futile as she had become a subject of negative comments from social media users. She had to remove her posts on Instagram due to the negative comments she was receiving.

In a true businesswoman fashion, Mizwanneka apologized to the woman for the lack of service and disservice they caused the customer and also apologized to past customers they have not served well.

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This is a screenshot of the chat between the two.
View her apology below.

I hereby tender an unreserved apology to Mrs Anulika Ayesha and every of my customers, followers, admirers and everyone else who believes in me and my brand who I have offended. The exchange of words was uncalled for and I take responsibility for the choice of words used as they were truly hurtful. I go the extra mile to try to please my customers and ensure that they are satisfied so much so that I stretch myself to the limit. So it hurts when after everything that goes down behind the scenes, some people still come and condemn your efforts. I am human and susceptible to certain provocations especially when I know I put my all into my business. Nonetheless, I sincerely apologize for my choice of words as I was deeply hurt with the way she approached me and I over reacted. As regards the ‘my customers worship me’, this was said out of context and more like a clapback based on the things she said to me which were not in the chat posted. I am not a god, I’m just a lady trying to make the best out of what God has given me. My customers are my family and I deeply appreciate each and every single one of them and I try to show this the best way I can. I don’t wish death on anyone. I only wish that people understand that behind every business is someone with feelings. I have disappointed a lot of people in this situation and for that I apologize. If I have offended you in the past or recent times…I apologize. I have listened to everything everyone has to say and I’m working on my lapses. Hair by Wanneka will be nothing without my clients and for that reason I hold you all in high esteem.

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