Nigerian born Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor, appears to be in a thankful mood today as he took to Instagram to share a photo of the house he grew up in, while comparing it to the mansion he currently lives in.

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According to the football star, the house he grew up in, is a rental home that costs $40 a month. He concluded his post by encouraging his followers, that they can get out of their present condition too.

He wrote;

SEA, when I was growing up, we lived in rental homes; the most recent one I remember cost about $40 a month; and even that we struggled to pay at the end of the month (see picture #3)…Today I look back and I feel proud of what I have accomplished. This is not a message to tell you « I have made it », but rather to say « You can do it too !». All you need to do is believing in yourself and keep working even when no one is watching. Also I need your advice, should I build this next project or no? Tag a friend who needs to see this

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