simi x3m music

X3M Music has just announced that Simi will be leaving the record label following a contract expiration. Despite the bond between the recording artiste and the label, there hasn’t been any form of contract renewal.

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Recently, Simi has become one of the best singers in the Nigerian talent space, and her spectacular voice has always shaken the crowd. Also, being a sound engineer, Simi is a special talent who combines all these with writing music.

She was signed into X3M music in 2014, and with her hit single, ‘Tiff”, she attained a Headies nomination. Her final album at X3M music was the  popularly admired Omo Charlie Champagne which was released on her birthday.

Founded by Steve Babeko, X3M Music Management said:

‘We only sign artistes that we love and believe in. We know our taste in music is rather different; but we only sign talents who meet that taste. Fortunately, we have been able to find millions of music lovers here and abroad, who share similar tastes, as is evident in the success of all the artistes we have worked with, including Simi who is without any doubt one of the biggest music talents in the country today…’

The record label is recognized for welcoming original and unique talents, and they are without a doubt proud of Simi’s achievement so far.

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