Nigerian movie pirates have made good on their recent threat by releasing fake copies of Kunle Afolayan’s award-winning flick, October 1.

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Gabriel Okoye, popularly called Gabosky, a distributor of top films such as Phone Swap, Tango with Me and others got wind of the movie being pirated and decided to call together a press conference last week blasting the pirates for their illicit works and calling on the government to do something about it.


Kunle Afolayan, on Monday, alerted his fans on the fact that his movie, October 1 had been pirated and distributed. He begged them to show pity on his investment by refusing to buy from the pirates.

“Pirated copies of October 1 film is now released by the pirates and it is everywhere on the street. We have been announcing and alerting the people and government for years. Is this how we will fold our hands and look? It is my turn today, it may be yours tomorrow. I am devastated. It’s a hostile country. PLEASE DO NOT BUY.”

Another Nollywood star, Femi Branch took to his Instagram page to beg people not to patronize the pirated movie vendors. He wrote this:

PIRACY ALERT: The pirates hav made gud their threat and are now selling pirated DVD of OCTOBER 1ST on d streets! Pls DO NOT BUY! Every copy u buy destroys not only Kunle Afolayan’s business but our industry as well! Enough is enough! It is buyers that empower pirates, if u dont patronize tgem, they will b forced to close shop! If u really love us and the movies we make, pls avoid buying pirates CDs or DVDs of our films. Watch them in Cinemas or buy only certified original copies.

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