Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli’s movie, ‘Okafor’s Law’ has risen against all odds despite the circumstances surrounding its release and made history as it continually sells out daily after cinema debut.

The romantic comedy movie since its debut has consistently sold out every day at different times in different cinemas across the country. People, in large numbers, have been flooding the cinemas daily to watch the latest nollywood flick and they have all come out with smiles and good testimonies concerning the movie.

Reacting to the turnouts of people at the cinemas to watch the movie, Producer and Director of Okafor’s law, Omoni Oboli said “Actors in Okafor’s law have been visiting the cinemas at different locations, and we have all been surprised at the reception from fans all over the country. Truth be told, the tickets have been sold out everywhere we went, and we just want this to continue for as long as possible. I am grateful to God for His blessings.”

The movie is showing at different cinemas in Lagos, Kano, Ilorin, Benin, Uyo, Warri, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Asaba, Calabar, Ibadan, and Akure.

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