As the beautiful Daughter of Nollywood actress and producer, Ufuoma Mcdermott, Kesiena clocks 2 today, the excited mother has penned down some lovely words for Her, as she shares with her followers how she almost lost the child during pregnancy due to Malaria Drugs.

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The proud mother went further to reveal how various affliction tried to take the Little Kesiena away, but she was able to defeat them all and continued to grow stronger.

She wrote;

It is true #Kes. I will catch a grenade for you. I will empty myself to know you are full. I will pause the world, I will rewind time for you. I will exhaust my knowledge to learn how you can be better than I know to be. I will search for intuition and soak up your tears so you don’t have to cry a day in your life. I will erase pain and imprison hurt. A beautiful princess like you should never know what those feel like.

I would do these and more #Kesiena , I would. Alas, I am only your mother not your God. I can only do those within my ability. But I know someone who’s greater and well able to keep and preserve you. Unto him I commit you, and unto the word of his grace that’s able to keep you, strengthen you, preserve you and give you an inheritance amongst those that are sanctified. #HappyBirthday my one cheek dimpled darling. #BirthdayGirl

Here’s what she shared:

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