Precious Jones, a young official of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) took to her Facebook page to write on common misconceptions about women in uniform.

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“I am one lady that can’t be intimidated for any reason
I wear a uniform doesn’t mean am more a man and less a female
When I hear comments like “obiri ni nu uniform buru” ladies in uniform are wicked/stubborn “
I laff till tears start coming outta my eyes
I accept the fact we could be stubborn but deep down we got a heart
We need that stubbornness to make some of our men/women obey laws  and comply to certain standards required of them
I can remember times men will talk me down on duty and demand to be spoken to by a man
Customer is always right Na
But my real men don’t intimidate women instead they support, respect and build strong women
Am a proud uniform lady
A professional safety expert
A safety educator
Abi I lie?

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