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Afere Lawrence who found out the surprising statistics about unemployment and its effects on Nigeria’s rural and semi-urban population in November 17, 2006 decided to create jobs using organic farming.

Afere created Springboard  a social enterprise that uses organic farming and healthy food production to create job opportunities for rural and semi-urban youth in Nigeria.

Since its launch in 2008, Springboard has been engaging young Nigerians in personal and social change through sustainable agriculture. Each year, they train about 50 young people to start their own organic farms.

 On the Springboard farms, they currently grow plantain, banana, pineapple, pawpaw and maize. In order to generate more revenue and jobs, they also convert the plantain grown on their farms into chips.

Speaking with HWMIIA about how that moment in the library changed the course of his life, Lawrence said:

“I decided that rather than just getting a job, let me help young Nigerians get jobs – and in the process get something going for myself.”

Lawrence envisions a Nigeria where everyone has access to local, healthy and affordable food; communities feel connected to the land and each other; and where rural and semi-urban youth are active leaders in the area of organic farming and healthy food production.


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