Aishatu is part of a group in the northeastern Nigerian city of Yola that has trained more than 300 women to recycle plastic waste into mats, bags and other colourful accessories, according to Reuters.

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This program is called Waste to Wealth and was started in 2012 by the American University of Nigeria.

All thanks to this program now, Aishatu can pay for her children’s school fees, provide for her family and in the wider picture, help keep the society clean because she ends up picking these plastic bags for work.

These bags sell for between N1000 to N15000 ($3 to $47) depending on size and quality.
Raymond Obindu who is the director of the Waste to Wealth program also spoke to Reuters saying;

“We’ve seen a single woman alone, make over 1.5 to 2 million Naira (4,700-6,276 U.S. dollars) alone because she was extremely good; she has bought a land, she’s got a computer, she has trained her children in school, so we’ve seen the economic benefits the women are having so the money spreads that way.”

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