Okon Nigerians drag low budget idiot

Recall that about 70 prostitutes in Abuja were arrested for being sex workers just two weeks ago, and the police officers who arrested them that night were accused of raping the prostitutes.

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Comedian, Imeh Bishop Umoh commented on this rape accusation on his social media saying that what the policemen did was theft, not rape. He reminds followers that rape is a forceful action on someone who has dignity, but the prostitutes have no dignity to lose’. He says that they offer sex for payment, but the police officers didn’t pay them, and therefore they ‘stole’ the services that the prostitutes sell. He says “Ashawo no get self pride and dignity”.

Watch the video below:

This statement angered many Nigerians on Twitter, and they slammed him for his comments which seem ‘dumb’ and ‘ridicuolous’, thereby calling him a ‘low budget idiot’.


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