tonto dikeh ex-husband one-minute man

Tonto Dikeh hasn’t stopped talking negatively about her ex-husband, but this latest revelation is what we never expected.

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For months now, Tonto Dikeh has accused Olakunle Churchill, her ex-husband and father of her son of domestic violence and infidelity. However, this latest gist is shocking to us– she reveals that her ex-husband was a 1-minute man.

Fans and followers are quite disappointed because this is such a private affair, but the actress and singer chose to make it public. Being a one-minute man is such a depressing and undignified attribute that a man would want to get rid of immediately. Announcing a one-minute man can also be very embarrassing.

As usual, we await Churchill’s ‘calm and cool’ response to all this drama. Meanwhile, followers are worried about how all the drama would affect their son later in the future.

She reveals this in an interview with Daddy Freeze:

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