The major objective for the establishment of the Lagos State outfit known as Kick Against Indiscipline (KIA) is to eliminate all forms of street trading and hawking, aside ensuring that Lagosians comply with environmental rules, but today the beginning of wisdom in Lagos State is the fear of KAI.

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The Kai officials have transformed themselves into armless state militia inflicting more hardship on tottering and anguished Lagosians who come out as a last resort to feign for selves after having been devastated by the same government that wants them to go.

In late 2015, KAI officials arrested a young lady who hawked popcorn and fried groundnut in Victoria Island; not only did they seize her items, they arrested and kept her in their custody for three awful days before she was squeezed to produce N16,000 as ‘bail fee’! Upon her release, her items had vanished.

Three officers of the Kick Against Indiscipline, KAI, were recently arrested for allegedly raping a 24-year old woman after they demanded N10,000 bribe from her.

Today, May 30, some KAI officials were spotted forcing an elderly man to frog jump because he did not use the pedestrian brige while crossing.

Take a look.

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