Nigerians who boarded a Turkish airline flight from Istanbul to Abuja have raised concerns over the welfare of a Nigerian woman who was removed from the flight by Turkish police, for attacking an air hostess.

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According to a witness who shared the news, the altercation started when the Nigerian woman got on the flight and immediately demanded for a cup of water, Passengers were yet to be seated and the air hostess reportedly ignored her request while attending to other passengers who were boarding , until the woman yelled at her.

But things took a different turn when the hostess brought the cup of water and said she was only doing the woman a favour as they are yet to take off, and before she could give it, the Nigerian woman reportedly snatched the cup out of the air hostess’ hands. Upset by the attack, the hostess called the attention of the pilot, who alerted the police and the woman was taken off the Turkish Airline Plane.

The Nigerian who shared the clip reports that nothing has been heard of the woman and it isn’t clear yet if she was put on another flight back to Nigeria.

“Please it’s been 24hrs. We need to know what they did to her and if she’s back in the country,” said the concerned Nigerian who shared the story.

The story has stirred major reactions online. While some have called the arrest a racist act, others fault the Nigerian for attacking the hostess.

It’s clearly not about race… we (blacks) tend to scream the racist word out of context. May God help her,” said one Instagrammer, and another added, “Always learn to control your anger no matter what.”

Nothing was heard of the Nigerian woman as at press time.

Watch the video and see the full narration:


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