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The part 1-4 of this series is available in the style section, remember you need to follow all these tips to become a unique fashionista

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10.      Make Some Changes

You do not need to reinvent your entire wardrobe to make some changes. That will cost you a significant fortune. Just update it appropriately. Begin by introducing some up-to-date pieces which reflect your personal style or the style you want to create – a new pair of shoes, earrings, or a scarf.

You should not be afraid of experimenting new things. Make some changes by shopping in new places that you would not normally not go to, such as an antique clothing store or a high-end designer boutique. Perhaps, you may find that you like taking some risks with your wardrobe.

For saving your money, try to update what you already have. For instance, if you have an old pair of jeans, try cropping or rolling them up into shorts or Capri pants. Though change is good, it is critical for you to maintain a core wardrobe composed of some constructed and well-designed pieces. Keep some classic clothes in the closet which you could mix and match

11.      Wear What You Feel Comfortable In

It is important that people should wear something that makes them feel comfortable. If you are not sure of what makes you feel comfortable initially, you can look to your closet for inspiration. Then, you classify what your favorites are and why you love them. Do their fabrics feel good on your skin? Do you love the way those clothes make you look? Once again, use your favorite clothes as your springboard when shopping for new looks. Do not rush in and out of tons of stores, but take time to try on clothes. Consider the ease of putting them on your body, how great you will look on it, and how they fit with your needs and wardrobe.

Creating your own fashion style is not easy things. You may try out many styles before choosing the best one for you. To find your fashion style, make use of all of the tips from our style series from Part 1 to 5 properly. You are on your way to becoming a fashionista!

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